Demo Reel

3D Animation 

2D Animation

These were my first attempt to animate with proper knowledge. However, since I was still studying art school with very little experience with Autodesk Maya, adobe creative cloud and Toonboom, I wasn't able to finalize these animations from the start. I was only learning the basics of movement and camera controls. It was a very rough ride at first, but settled once I got used to it. Upon graduation, I accelerated my knowledge through learning the 13 principles and animation and using very little references. 


This is my first Storyboard, as well as the longest I've got, called, "The Reverse Princess Story." My goal is to tell a story based on an over used trope that I gripe on for so long, so I wanted to reverse the plot with a pinch of satire. The premise starts out with a princess brooding in a tall tower when she noticed a knight in shining armor coming to rescue as he fights a monstrous creature. You might expect a typical fairytale ending, but this one has a twist. 


While getting a BFA in animation and visual effects, I've continued animating during my spare time. My first independent animation was "Kage," which is a Japanese term for shadow. Based on a true story, It is about my pet chihuahua mix getting taunted of what appears to be a cat, but it is actually a his own shadow. It took about two weeks to create and I have no plans to continue it at this point.



After making an animation, Kage, I drawn more attention to visual design instead, since I'm more into aesthetics than just a simple character movement. I've been using After Effects for editing, but never use it for visual purposes until now. This video, "Bliss Media," is a music-based video game style where the bluebird would fly along the power lines and tag along other birds to generate music. This concept was... an afterthought, so it only ended up making a title-screen instead.

Our Pilot

Every show needs a pilot, so I took a jab on making one on my own. "Crossline" is a visual novel about a "sheep" who goes on a crossover adventure in search of belonging to a community, but ends up in rejection and failure.Overtime, she views the world as cynical and narcissistic and becomes nilhilistic for her own actions. As a result, she might be able to move on in her life until the society brought her to a memory of a friend she never met for over 20 years. 

I might be able to pick up Crossline Pilot Episode, but since it takes a long time to get familiar with the software, I've moved on with a shorter video less than one minute. Some people seem to like the aesthetics of my video rather than the story itself.

Code Blue

As I became more familiarized with the Adobe Creative Cloud, I thought up an short animated opening sequence about three birds with different emotions: Grudge, Gloom, and Glee. They all face against a threat that turns positive emotions to negative, Shadow Wyvern. This video is only one fourth of the opening sequence, and it is still in development.

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